A note to our Clients and Colleagues: Based on current business calendar, Initial Estimates, proposals, or Plans will generally be prepared and delivered within 48 hours. Any delays will be promptly communicated. Thank you!!

Event Decorating Packages

There is so many type of Events that we can do for you to make that special day awesome like, Birthdays, Holiday Parties, Anniversaries, Kids Parties, Cocktail Party, Adult Parties, Graduations….

Your Event is an awesome opportunity for you to create something special that is a reflection of you. You write your story with your event. It is a statement that will stay with you long after your event is over. We are your experienced, inspired, caring and detail oriented consultants, here to help you make the most of this dream.  

RJS Designs CLIENTS are successful, sophisticated, down to earth, curious and intelligent people who value their family and believe in their future. They are attracted to special details and quality, over pomp and circumstance. You want a planner that would otherwise be your friend if you met us under different circumstances. When you become one of our clients, you benefit from the following:

  • A planner with a track record of good taste, know-how, people skills, hard work and care.

  • Clear and effective communication and a planner who is very responsive.

  • Respect and understanding. We appreciate that you may have different tastes and opinions than our own and we will ensure that your opinions are heard.

  • A planner who will not sugar coat details so that you do not have confusion and disappointment down the road.

  • Staff members who are kind, accepting, and compassionate and will work tirelessly on your event.

  • The best performance possible from the vendors we bring aboard your event.

  • An expectation we have of ourselves, and of your event, that is just as high as your expectation for your own event.

  • A planner that understands the level of detail and time a great event takes and because of this we book ten or fewer events a year.

Full Planning

Starting with the perfect vendors, we will work together from start to finish, ensuring that your special day is cohesive, personal and unique. Planning takes time and can become overwhelming with so many routes to explore before the big day. We give our clients options, lend our ears and listen well. We believe planning and design are inseparable. Design effects more than ambiance, it effects production, the guest experience, flow and service. If you want your event to be the best event you have ever attended, full planning is your insurance and the best gift you can give yourselves!


Partial Planning

This level of service can take on a host of characteristics, tailored to the specific event and client at hand.  Each client has their own needs, their own busy careers and each venue is so different.

We take on very few events with partial planning and when we feel the vendor team that is lined up suits our company. Also when the venue is not as complicated and perhaps more reliable than others. Usually these events are taking place during the less popular months. We want to make sure that working with you in a lesser capacity is going to have the same positive outcome that you are expecting when you become an RJS Designs client.  

Event Design

We believe that event planning and design are intrinsically linked. The end result cannot be what it can be if all the moving parts do not work together organically. We will assist with the initial style board and every detail after as they fall into place. We will either bring on a production team or a floral team to complete our vision. We greatly prefer working with those that we have already collaborated with although you are not obliged to work with someone we refer. Design is a collaboration. We are here to make sure the end result is appropriate for your celebration, feels and looks like you, and is beautiful and surprising. Design consulting is included in Full Event Planning.

Dessert and Candy Display

Let’s be honest, great food is a necessary component when it comes to hosting a gathering everyone will remember. We offer custom-made desserts and candy displays that will catch the eyes and taste buds of every guest at your event. As stylists at heart, we make sure that even the food fits the tone of your event and the aesthetic you’re looking to capture.